What We Do

Independent Agent Recruiters is a recruiting, mentorship and training service. We re recruit entrepreneurs who want to represent LegalShield. Once you sign up to be a LegalShield Associate on our site we plug you into the LegalShield System of Success. There is a lot to know and we simplify everything and place you on a team that has weekly trainings and meetings, as well as great morning calls to get help you start your day with a great attitude! We even have our own training school online, all free to you as an Associate on our team!


Get Ready to Be Your Own Boss

Associates can sell LegalShield as a solo associate, or lead their own team. The flexibility of the LegalShield sales model means however associates choose to sell, they define their business opportunity

Be Part of a Team

Every new Associate is placed with a team
with coaches and online events that
bring you together as people, not just
business owners. We build long term
friendships and support each other’s
success and are there when things don’t go

Become a Servant Leader

Servant leaders practice evocative teaching.
This means seeking the best in people and
helping them bring the best of themselves out.
We all have gifts but sometimes we need
help finding them and growing them in a
safe, judgement free environment.

Learn Recruiting Skills

Recruiting involves growing into the person
you ideally want to recruit onto your
team. If you want a team that is fun
loving but works hard with a great
attitude, then you must be that person
and you will attract others like you.

Success Stories


I started my business when she was it college and needed extra money for textbooks and parking fees.
It was great to sit in my dorm and do the business online instead of working in a bar or restaurant
where I could not set my own hours or income. IAR mentors helped me earn a trip to Maui, Hawaii
for 5 days at the 5 star Hyatt. It was a dream and IAR helped me hit my goals.

Through this business I went to Maui on
an amazing Performance Club trip!


Join the LegalShield Mission. Your Journey can begin today.

Create choices in life!


Get paid 4 ways:


  • Improve lives with LegalShield services yourself and receive Personal Sales Commissions.
  • Build an inclusive and diverse community with your team and generate Override Commissions.
  • Create residual income and legacy by retaining members,
    and receive Renewal Income.
  • Take ownership by hitting company goals and receive Incentive Bonuses.