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If you already have an existing client list from your business, we can work with you to introduce those clients to your new services from LegalShield. This will be accomplished by putting your clients in our powerful CRM, customer services manager. All communications have been pre written and all product presentations have been prerecorded so your clients get a message that is professional and most importantly, automated.

Use our CRM, Prospect by LegalShield, to introduce your clients in a few easy steps.

  • Add client name, email and phone number
  • Assign client to one of the targeted Canadian or US campaigns most appropriate for them. The campaigns are for selling the LegalShield plan for individuals or small business owners or selling the IDShield plans, or incorporating your clients business.
  • Track your clients automatically with personal email communications generated by us on your behalf.
  • Send clients additional PDFs, videos and audios via “resources” via a mobile phone app or computer, all with the touch of a button
  • Give your client the opportunity to enroll in your services right trough the links the CRM sends on your behalf

Expand your service offerings by adding these from LegalShield:

  • LegalShield Personal Plan
  • Gun Owner Supplement
  • Trial Defense Supplement
  • Home Business Supplement
  • Ride Share Supplement
  • Small Business Plans
  • IDShield Plans
  • Launch by LegalShield (incorporation services)
Professional Business Agents Recruiters

For a small monthly fee, your clients will have our core product, the LegalShield Personal Plan which includes four key areas of legal protection:

You can speak with your attorney on an unlimited number of personal legal issues to get legal advice.

Attorneys return calls within 4 hours or less and are available 24/7 for emergency situations.

Your provider attorney can defend you in court and represent you in a variety of other legal proceedings.

Your provider attorney can make phone calls and write letters on your behalf to help solve legal problems.

Your lawyer can review and provide feedback on an unlimited number of personal legal documents.

Your membership covers any personal legal documents up to 15 pages in length with no extra or hidden fees.

You get an attorney drafted Standard Will, Living Will and Power of Attorney plus yearly updates.

Your attorney can draft other kinds of documents too, such as residential loan paperwork

Common Uses of Our Legal Plan


[Our Provider Attorney] was friendly, thorough & very knowledgeable in answering all our questions. She totally sold us on signing up as LegalShield members. Before talking with [Our Provider Attorney] we thought all that LegalShield claimed to offer was too good to be true…but it is true! We’ve already had our Wills completed and one other legal matter handled by their great legal team and at no extra cost!
Paula S.
Oregon Member

Associates can sell LegalShield as a solo associate, or lead their own team. The flexibility of the LegalShield sales model means however associates choose to sell, they define their business opportunity.

LegalShield offers motivated individuals a unique program designed to deliver their dreams. Start your own part-time business, and take control of your time. Over the last 47 years, people from every walk of life have joined our community and its mission to empower and protect. Are you ready to level up your life?

  • You enroll LegalShield and IDShield Plans and earn a commission on every plan sold. Your commission rate increases as you protect more people.
  • As you bring associates on to your team and they begin enrolling plans, you earn override commissions on every plan your team sells.
  • When a member renews a plan that you or your team sold them, you earn residual income every month that membership remains active. FOREVER.
  • Our Performance Club pays you additional cash bonuses, travel rewards and other prizes when you and your team sell certain numbers of memberships during given time periods.

Tools for Your Business

Fast Start Training
Fast Start is an in depth, live training class designed to help you make your first sale and advance from Associate to Sr. Associate within 20 days of starting your business. Taught by LegalShield’s best of the best, you can attend live classes in your local area or in an online classroom. Plus, you could earn a bonus when you level advance to Sr. Associate in your first 20 days!
Future Leaders of LegalShield
Built around bonus opportunities and recognition, our exciting Future Leaders program encourages you to begin building a team so that you can take your business to the next level! When you advance to Manager within your first 45 days, you receive: a special edition pin, recognition and more! And to make it even better…you could earn a bonus when you level advance to Manager within your first 45 days!
LegalShield Advantage
Having a LegalShield Advantage subscription gives you access to state of the art marketing tools! Enjoy customizable marketing sites that are tailored to you as the selling associate. LegalShield Advantage also gives you access to an incredible customer relationship manager (CRM) tool, Prospect by LegalShield. And so much more! Plus, the first month is free when you become a LegalShield associate.
LSEngage provides everything you need to run your business on the go. Track your activity and bonus program qualifications, easily communicate with your team using built-in messaging, and utilize the robust set of marketing and training resources. Stay plugged into everything happening at LegalShield by watching the weekly Leadership Show. All from the LSEngage mobile app!

Prospect by LegalShield
Prospect by LegalShield is a robust customer relationship manager (CRM). Getting started is as simple as adding your contacts! Enjoy the experience of sending resources to your contacts through the easy-to-use mobile app. The platform does the work for you by tracking your prospects’ engagement, and allows you to focus on important things like scheduling follow-ups!

Get the LegalShield Advantage
For $19.95/month* you get everything you need to help kick-start your business with LegalShield Advantage!

LegalShield Advantage gives you:

  • Personalized Marketing Site
  • Access to Prospect by LegalShield
  • Official LegalShield Email account
  • Top Tier Business Analytics
  • Video Conferencing with Zoom
  • Training and Personal Development Courses
  • …and much more!

Get your first month of LegalShield Advantage for free when you join today!

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