Professional Insurance Agents Recruiters

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Our company is focused on personal development to help you develop the talents you already have.
Who you are today got you what you have today. We want to help you become the person that can have the things that you desire and be the person that you are striving to be.
We are here to support and celebrate you.

Business Professionals

If you already have an existing client list from your business, we can work with you to introduce those clients to your new services from LegalShield. This will be accomplished by putting your clients in our powerful CRM, customer services manager. All communications have been pre written and all product presentations have been prerecorded so your clients get a message that is professional and most importantly, automated.


Professional Business Agents Recruiters

Entrepreneurial Spirit

The LegalShield business opportunity is designed with the modern entrepreneur in mind – a mobile phone or laptop is all that’s needed. Add extra income stream that will fit perfectly alongside other things that you may already be doing. Join a community of men and women passionate about sharing the LegalShield protection and helping other people to take more control over their lives

Insurance Agents

Insurance Agents must have an active license of one of these types : Life-Only Agent (LO), Life and Health (LH) Health- Only Agent ( HO), Accident and Health (AH), Property Broker-Agent (PR), Casualty Broker-Agent (CA), Limited Lines Automobile Insurance Agent (AU), Personal Lines Broker-Agent (PL), Motor Club Agent (MC), Registered Administrator (RA) or Surplus Lines (SL).

Personal Development Training Courses
IAR Personal Development Institute

Life Change Process

IAR has it’s own school where we teach personal development, online business principles and courses specific
to your LegalShield business. Once you sign up as an Associate through IAR you will have access to all our classes free of charge.


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